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Saturday ride

Post by Bosie » Sun Jul 15, 2018 8:33 am

Hi Folks,
I was in the ?second or ?third group to leave the store on Saturday.None of the usual "group captains" (Trevor/ Daryl etc. were on the ride)
My understanding on the Saturday ride is that its "no drop" to Sidney and that the pace is fairly easy.
This Saturday a group of folks decided to push the pace from Mt Doug and ended up dropping a number of folks who ended up riding on their own and had to take short cuts to get to the meet up at Sidney.
I rode to the front on a couple of occasions to inform the folks that their pace was a bit high and that they needed to steady to let the weaker riders back on, to no avail- "The group is too big", " Those up front think the pace is OK"," this is a similar pace to the last time" were the excuses.
In the end about 5 riders were dropped by the group despite efforts by myself and others to pull them back on at times.
The ride might have changed recently, but in my experience (about 5 years), this has never happened on a Wheelers ride (dropping folks on the ride to Sidney).
I may be out of line here, but to me it seemed very uncool.
If you feel the group is too big, announce it and make a split so that the weaker riders can have company out to Sidney, dont try and drop people to whittle down the group. (until you get to Lands End road)
Craig B.

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