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Posted: Sun Aug 23, 2015 6:46 pm
by aruss
Well articulated Geoff, Routely has nothing on you.
Takes two to Tango, but three to start a party!


Posted: Sat Sep 05, 2015 11:55 am
by ghomer
Saturday September 5, 2015 - OBB Ride Report

The first Wheelers ride of September proved one of those ultra rare occasions when the final selection was made before Panorama Hill. I suppose that's what happens when you combine a highly fit, Grand Fondo prize money chasing Cody Canning, a slight crosswind, and the exposed section of the ride around the airport. In the lead-in to the airport, a few young pretenders were aiming to impress the ride's old guard, taking a hero pull here and there along land's end. Once we hit Craig's hill, Cody announced himself on the ride with a powerful turn of pace, which was followed (in no particular order) by Tskin, Two Hotty, myself, and a visitor in a Mighty Cycles kit, henceforth known as Serge McSurge. McSurge definitely made his presence felt in the lead-in to the airport, displaying impressive, although entirely unpredictable, power on the flat. Following a McSurge turn, Cody saw an opportunity to have a dig, and his efforts shattered the dozen strong group as we passed the fire training section of the airport. Myself, McSurge and Canning managed to establish a bit of a pace sharing routine, and despite the best efforts of TSkin, the three of us (dully joined by Megan) went into Panorama as a quartet. Cody and myself paced up the 'Rama, and over the top there were only going to be four contesting the sprint along Interurban. While there was more time at the front going around as we made our way towards Red Barn, Cody was definitely the impetus behind our quartet. His attack and separation just before the Observatory could only be bridged by yours truly, and I tried my best to take some of the load into Interurban. It was never going to be a sprint finish for me - my exhaustion and manners dictated that Cody get the victory. What are ride!



Posted: Sat Sep 19, 2015 7:32 pm
by marcel
09 19 2015:

For my first OBB Saturday in quite a few weeks I decided to go for a door-to-door effort, as one of my primary goals for next season is a stronger aerobic base, and, well, there's no time like the present. After a half hour of rolling along I realized that I had left my departure a little late, so I ended up smashing it for about the next 35 min. Not the ideal way to start a 5 hour day, but whatever…

A very small group departed the shop in friendly fashion, beginning to grow in size almost immediately. As the numbers swelled and periodic light rain fell, we all kept busy critiquing each others' fenders and chatting about cyclocross. The only fact of note was the absence of any fist-shaking motorists, a first for me in I don't remember how long. Smooth, smooth, smooth.

At the bathroom break, there were some pronouncements made (by Jag and Andrew B) about a 'tempo ride', to the apparent relief of all involved. 9 of us set out for the second half, with a respectable tempo as agreed. The usual swirling winds around the airport did for a couple guys, and by the stop sign at the rec centre we were 6: Megan, Andrew B, Ian B, Jag, myself, and one other young guy who I've seen around but can't name. We stayed this way through the rest of the ride, swapping turns smoothly and obeying the Motor Vehicle Act to the letter. I did notice a couple moments where those who were clearly capable of much more (everyone but me) made allowance for those who were apt to suffer whenever the road tilted upward (me), but nothing too embarrassing. I believe that our very own Ian B won the sprint, albeit by virtue of being 'the guy who ended up on the front when the ride was over'.

I proceeded to another function that I had been roped into attending, opting for the classic 'show up late, eat a bunch of food, and then leave immediately afterwards' approach. We cyclists have a reputation to uphold. Quick spin back to Sooke and that was me.



Posted: Sat Oct 10, 2015 7:34 pm
by marc
Today started out with dark skies, heavy rain in the forecast and with a cross race on Monday. Recipe for a mellow and uneventful ride, right?


Today saw Dylan Cunningham, Emile de Rosnay and Cory Wallace all showing off some spectacular end of season form. It became apparent along Welch that it wasn't going to be a chill ride, with the group splintering and a lead group moving along at over 40. Regrouping at Sidney, there was a pack of around 12 that headed out. I would love to report more, but the pace turned out to be too much for my crappy end of season form, and fendered winter bike. Next week, I'm bringing my bike without fenders though to exact some sweet, sweet justice/revenge for the amount of crap I had sprayed in my face from people sneaking in one more fenderless ride.

Good luck to the Wheelers racing on Monday, rip some serious legs off!


Posted: Sat Nov 21, 2015 3:01 pm
by aruss
Nov 21/15

Sub-zero temps greeted a nice group of riders rolling out of OBB this crisp November day. The group did well to navigate patches of frost and ice lurking in shaded areas as they headed to Sidney for some sun. The pace stayed steady around the horn and down to Pat Bay where Dylan took duties on the front ramping up the pace to the Willingdon turnoff. A pleasant change with a tail wind through the airport gave riders some rest heading into Col Pano. Out of the roundabout Chuk ( ... mislawchuk) made a jump which was later relegated by his lack of winter bike maintenance; get that steed into OBB for a tune-up. The pace was kept high through the slopes of Pano and near the crest this authour put in a dig (several buckets full) which carved out a group of four rolling into Saanichton. The quartet worked cohesively along the plains of Wallace. Opting not to stop for a scrumptious sandwich at Red Barn they carried over the rollers where Dylan marshaled things towards the Observatory. A lull in pace over the top allowed this authour to use every ounce of his winter weight to jam off the front on the descent heading to Interurban. Taking the Sveness Line through the 90 at Interurban he looked back to see a sizable gap. Going all-in he shifted down to the rear big-dog and threw caution to the wind. The three chasers reeled him in by Camosun where Dylan, whom looked to have done the Lionshare in the chase, kept things rolling along with an unknown GS rider. In the end it came down to Chuk and this authour with veteran knowledge and poor chuk timing being the decider.


Posted: Sun Nov 29, 2015 5:02 pm
by marcel

OBB customer appreciation day and annual Victoria Wheelers gear swap brought me out for a rather infrequent off-season Saturday ride. After fuelling up on complimentary coffee and Timbits (and, in my case, making a minor purchase), about a dozen of us rolled out from the shop fashionably late. The ride to Sidney was not the usual pleasant, conversational affair on account of the exceedingly slippery conditions. The less travelled farm routes, in particular, gave me a couple 'wtf am I doing here' moments, and actually brought a couple people down at one point. Thankfully the damage was limited to a couple bumps and bruises, and we all made it to the coffee stop in Sidney with bodies and bikes in 1 piece.

I say 'coffee stop' because that's exactly what greeted us - Karl grinning in a tent full of brownies, hot coffee, and other very welcome goodies. Just one more reason why it's great to be a Wheeler…

After another snack, a brief conference culminating in Jon Watkin's wise suggestion that we take Wain Rd to West Saanich rather than the customary Land's End route decided the second half of the ride. We set out again in a group of about a dozen, with Jon and a (I believe) new RH recruit name Emil, Dawson, Randy S, the ultra-fit Tyler Mislawchuk and a couple of his national teammates that I unfortunately can't name, and a few others in attendance. The Wain Rd. route proved sound, as I believe we saw no further sketchy moments. Fast forward to Panorama, where Tyler paid no respect to our solid pace, hitting the switches and literally disappearing over the top, never to be seen again. We shed several riders at this point, and continued with an attritional pattern throughout the rest of the ride, dropping people here and there. Coming over the top of the Observatory rise I braved a face full of Dawson's unfendered wheel spray to follow him as he pulled a small gap. I was ready to work, but some disruptive mini-van piloting brought us all back together just past the turn to Interurban.

In what was probably the most notable moment of the ride for many, we then proceeded to pass the man they call 'Sharpie' as he ambled along Interurban with a large group of multi-sport colleagues in tow, no doubt in search of some low-zone base. Perhaps my only chance to put some distance between myself and this guy on Interurban, at least in this lifetime…

The usual hedging and jockeying followed, until I made the mistake of telling Emil (on his first OBB ride ever) that the sprint was 'at the top of the next hill there' and he proceeded to take said sprint by a country mile. Nice one!


Posted: Sat Dec 19, 2015 1:54 pm
by ghomer
Wheelers Saturday Ride Report - December 19, 2015 -

I'd heard rumours and rumblings that DJ Cunningham (Tanner) was going to take a more part-time approach to racing in 2016, but if today's display all but put those rumours to bed. Showing the type of early season form that carried him to a two-up sprint stage win at Enumclaw in 2015, Dylan was the star of the show during the penultimate Wheelers ride of 2015. Almost immediately at Lands End, it was clear that the RH man was a notch above on the day. Pulling a solid - and by this rider's estimate 6.5 W/kg - 5-8 minutes on Lands End didn't seem to faze Dylan today, as the he sped away on the final Lands End kicker, with only MegaRath for company. Perhaps nullified slightly by an increasingly unpredictable headwind, there was a regroup through the airport - with myself, Cody C, Andrew Byrnes, Scottie Two, Trevor and Lawrence finally making contact with Megan, and eventually Dylan. Panorama Hill got the better of Andrew and Lawrence, and by the time Brentwood came in to view it was the six of us back again. Dylan's pace through the flats at Stelly's saw me dingle-dangle for a bit, but when we hit Bienvenudo Ave. there was a brief coming together yet again. Dylan sped away yet again, with Trev for company. Trev ultimately came back to us, effectively trading places with Cody who put down some serious watts to get on Dylan's wheel. The two of them gradually increased their gap on the remaining four of us, never to be seen again. Through Red Barn and the Observatory kickers, Scottie and then Megan threw in the towel, the day's work more than done. With little to fight for Trev and I traded turns through interurban, and rolled in long after Dylan and Cody. Perceived effort and fitness absorption levels on today's ride were very very high.



Posted: Sat Jan 09, 2016 5:05 pm
by trevor
The weather was kind to us on this brisk January rendition of our weekly sufferfest with dry roads, 3 degrees, and an eventual (uncommon) tailwind heading home. Some dense fog at our splash break fully engulfed an incoming plane to the airport giving us all some unusual entertainment - we could hear the jet FAR before we saw the jet. Cool stuff.
The front group departing for Lands End was small with Dylan and Cody from RHs, PCR Matt, this reporter, Wheelers Geoff, Scotty, and Andrew, Stevo Kilshaw, MegaRath (on a mtb - wtf), and an unidentified rider. Knowing Dylan was looking for a lot of effort heading in to a rest week, the group kindly opted to let him ride off the front at several points throughout Lands End, the airport, and Panorama. By this point we were down to a handful of committed riders who evenly shared the load until Dylan attacked at the Red Barn kicker followed only by this reporter and Cody. Full disclosure, Dylan did 80% of the work from there with me leading out the lads and Cody taking the sprint.
All in all huge fitness gains shared, stellar weather, and a delicious panini at the Savoury Cafe afterwards. Doesn't get better than that.


Posted: Sat Jan 23, 2016 1:56 pm
by ghomer
The January 23rd’s OBB/Wheelers Saturday Ride saw a slight transfer of power. Literally, even. To date, 2016 has been the year of the Dylan. Dylan Cunningham to be exact. Old Dyl has shown some excellent early season form, and while he certainly won the Total Fitness Absorbed crown on today’s ride, the business end of proceedings was a Wheeler whitewash.

…Buoyed by the prospect of a precipitation free forecast, the majority of the A crew left Sidney proudly aboard summer bikes. The accumulated gunk along the Peninsula meant many a muddy face by the time we had rounded Land’s End. Through the kickers a selection was made, with approximately 10 of the original 20 odd rolling through the airport. You could be that the conspicuously quiet duo of Cody C. and Isaac L. would bring some fireworks to Panorama. True enough, Isaac attacked at the final kicker, and a select combo including Matt Billy, Dylan, Raph, Trev, Rich, and Isaac made it over the top together. Perennial Wheelers offseason transfer target Matt Billy continued his hugely impressive ride, aiding Dylan in driving the pace past Stelly’s school and in to Brentwood.

After making it through Panorama, the flat lands immediately after, and the Observatory kicker you could sense that the non-Dylan’s of the ride were willing to take some risks and stir the pot a bit. I attacked through the hill leading out of the Interurban gully, and Rich held my wheel. As I fell off, he was sprung. As Dylan resumed his pacemaking, Trev and I set up for a leadout. Knowing that 1000 Watts is beyond me at this point in the year, I led Trev out and managed to hold some speed for the Rich, Trev, GH Wheelers 1,2,3. Good Times.


Posted: Sat Feb 06, 2016 1:43 pm
by ghomer
Saturday Ride Report - February 6, 2015

While Cavendish's February has not brought him much acclaim, his doppelganger Isaac Leblanc has. On the basis of his performance today, Vancouver Island's answer to the Manx Missile has plenty of success in store in 2016. Early on in the proceedings along Land's End, Isaac and his compadre, mister fast in February Dylan Cunningham, had a look and gained a gap. The remnants of the 'A' group initially had success giving them a short leash, with Rich even pulling them back momentarily, but the combination of Isaac on the flats and Dylan on the pitches proved just too much for myself, Matt Sharpe, Andrew Byrnes, Matt Billy and Rich to reel in. Andrew fell victim to Panorama hill, and Sharpie to an unfortunate flat not too long after, leaving the three of us with little hope of reeling in the RH duo. The three of us managed to form a cohesive group nonetheless, with Matt Billy and Rich showing some serious February form with some killer pulls through Wallace and the Red Barn rollers. Nobody had the match of Dylan and Isaac today, but a great ride nonetheless.

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