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Posted: Mon Feb 04, 2013 9:42 pm
by JonB
1. Cody Canning (Trek Red Truck)
2. Tom Skinner (OBB-Wheelers)
3. Trev Mackenzie (OBB-Wheelers)
4. ?
5. Megan Rathwell (Trek Red Truck)

How it went down:
Geordie leading onto interurban whith a large group in tow. Several attacks along interurban. A small group of ~3 were off the front by Camosun but brought back by the bottom of the sprint hill. Cody lead out the sprint followed by Skinner and held on for the win. Starting soon we will start keeping track of results and asign points to top 5.


Posted: Tue Feb 05, 2013 8:39 am
by trevor
Nicely done Jon. It'll be great to have this continued over the coming months and see how rides develop.
Anyone willing to do a post from the perspective of the second group each week?


Posted: Sat Feb 09, 2013 12:31 pm
by JonB
9-Feb-2013 RESULTS
1. Cody Canning (Trek Red Truck)
2. Adam De Vos (Trek Red Truck)
3. Alex Hui (Pro City)
4. TSkin (OBB)
5. Chopper Dan (by a tire width over JonB) (OBB-Wheelers)

How it shook down:
At Panorama Hill the group was strung out after the 4-way stop, first attack by De Vos put 8 bike lengths on the rest of the group with Geoff Homer leading the chase. Gaps opened up as several riders were dropped. Cody bridged to De Vos near the top of the hill with Homer, JonB, Corey Wallace, and Geordie Chasing. 5 bike lengths back was Meghan Rathwell and Chopper Dan and 5 more to Geoff Robson hauling his 30lb bike up the hill. The group re-formed at the next 4-way stop and Geoff R. dump-trucked his way back into the group. Along Wallace Drive, Jon B made a move which was closed down by Cody before West Saanich. Geordie controlled the pace up the observatory hill and the group was still together coming into interurban. Several moves on Interurban but nothing stuck. By Camosun, Chopper Dan was leading the group before an early move from Geoff Homer. The final sprint was lead out by De Vos, with Cody edging him out for the win.


Posted: Sat Feb 16, 2013 12:25 pm
by JonB
16-Feb 2013 RESULTS
1. Cody "I can start my sprint from behind the whole group and still win" Canning (TRT)
2. TSkin (OBB)
3. Mick Bryson (OBB-Wheelers)
4. Trev Mackenzie (OBB-Wheelers)
5. Megan Rathwell (TRT)

And this is how it happened:
Sunny with dry roads today, but very windy. The group stayed together around lands end and for the first part of the Panorama climb until the 3-way stop. A small group of 3 consisting of Geoff Robson, Gavin Eaton, and Mick Bryson slipped off the front after the stop and gained around 8 bike lengths on the group. It wasn't until close to the top when Henry (TRT) bridged to this group and then put in a dig to open up a 10 bike length gap. Cody quickly joined him and the two were off. Tom Skinner was chasing but couldn't latch on. Behind, the chase group quickly formed and brought the TRT duo back by the bottom of the hill. Pretty slow and steady for the rest of the ride. I think I witnessed a small snail pass us on our way up the observatory hill. But turning onto Interurban it was game on. The first move came from Joel from VCA followed by Gavin. This was quickly reeled in and then countered by JonB who was quickly joined by Gavin and Geoff Robson. The three established a decent gap until Camosun when another group of three lead by Mick and TSkin bridged up. Leading into the final corner it was Mick leading Tom followed by Henry? then JonB and Trev Mackenzie. Mick kicked taking Tom with him into the final 100m, and then seemingly out of nowhere came Cody who rode straight up to and then around Tom and Mick for the win. Starting next week we will all be ganging up on Cody to prevent him from winning another Saturday group ride.


Posted: Sat Feb 16, 2013 3:35 pm
by Joe Gard
So once you hammerheads left Sidney there was a group of about 20 or so that left a few minutes later. The group was too big so a few of us went off the back to form a smaller steady group. Scotty, Kim, Shannon, Kristin, Karen, me and a few others. It stayed pretty steady. Had to push Karen a couple times to keep her with the group but she is getting stronger every ride. Once we got to Willis Point, Scotty, Kim, Shannon, Kristin and I headed up that way and did Ross Durance. It was pretty dry most of the way but wet in some places. Gotta love that ride!!! No sprint report on this ride. Maybe next week. Not as exciting as your report Jon...and by the way your reports are a lot of fun to read.


Posted: Sat Feb 16, 2013 5:54 pm
by trevor
Jon, that is a stellar report. Great weather today and a pretty steady pace. Thanks for the recap.
And good on ya Joe for getting the extra kms in. Love that route.


Posted: Sun Feb 17, 2013 1:40 pm
by twohotty
Great report Jon. Sounds like fun. We opted for the mileage, but I hope to up there with you guys soon.


Posted: Mon Feb 18, 2013 9:23 pm
by vicwheelers
In the hope of organizing the forum a bit and not risk losing content let's begin using the Rides & Race Report thread for the Saturday ride, ya?


Posted: Sat Feb 23, 2013 12:30 pm
by JonB
23-FEB-13 RESULTS (Omloop Het Nieuwsblad edition)
1. Henri De Boever(Trek Red Truck)
2. Craig Richey (Trek Red Truck)
3. Jon B (OBB-Wheelers)
4. Scotty Martin (OBB-Wheelers)
5. Cody Canning (Trek Red Truck)

Sunny skies and Temps hovering around 9 degrees greeted the peloton for the 23-Feb OBB Wheelers group ride. The tempo was moderate from Sidney to the Airport. The first move on Panorama came from Jon B who took a flier from the bottom and established a decent gap but which was quickly shut down at the start of the decent by a group consisting of Cody, Tom, Henry and Geoff Homer. The peloton regrouped by the bottom of the hill and it was steady as she goes until West Saanich Rd. Jon B made another move at the bottom of the climb just after red barn market. Cody, Geordie, Henri, Trev, Craig and Geoff Homer quickly bridged and the group was off. Over the observatory climb the group was strung out with Craig leading Henri. A flury of attacks on Interurban shattered the group and by Camosun it was Trev leading Craig, Henri, Cody, Jon B, and Scotty. Craig jumped first but Henri edged him out for the win followed by Jon B and Scotty Martin. When asked about this win, Henri commented: "This is the greatest victory of my career. I had to believe in myself all the way down interurban. Beating a champion like Richey is a truly momentous occasion."

Stay tuned next week for the Driedaagse van West-Vlaanderen edition of the OBB-Wheelers Saturday ride report.


Posted: Sat Feb 23, 2013 1:08 pm
by trevor
So good Jon. I appreciate your realistic and professional approach to these reports. And good for Henri.