Island Cup #2

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Island Cup #2

Post by Tom » Mon Mar 25, 2013 5:35 pm

Hey all,

I just raced Hammerfest yesterday outside of Parksville and thought I'd submit a little race report.

I wasn't sure what the course would be like, as I didn't pre-ride it, but I've raced (and won) the last two editions of Hammerfest, so my plan was to follow wheels for at least the first lap, then see how I would be feeling by then. Out of the gate a crew of three Vancouver riders made it hard! They pinned it through some soft singletrack down at the bottom of the course, but then they started to tire going up a long windy (twisty, not breezy) climb to the top of a hydro cut, which finished at about two-thirds of the way through the lap. From the top of that climb I had the lead on the first of three laps, and since I was feeling decent I decided to just keep riding smooth, saving a little in the tank in case anyone bridged up to me later. The singletrack coming down from the top was awesome! Lots of whoops and burmed corners for 10-15 minutes, with only a couple small rises before coming back out at the lap-point. Starting my second lap I realized the race would be longer than last weekend at the dump, as my watch said '36 min'. I kept cruising and tried to ride the singletrack nice and smooth, but I never really heard what my gap was. At the top of the hydro cut on my second lap I couldn't see anyone behind me, but I tried to keep the pressure on. A lap later and in the same position, I tried looking back down the trail, and got a bit of a scare when I saw a rider exiting the singletrack not far behind me. I pushed hard over the top of the climb and ripped the descent, then tried to take the last bit of singletrack nice and easy to avoid flatting or crashing.

I cruised the last bit of trail and took my first win of the season by about a minute. I apologize to Chopper Dan for not doing a cool victory salute... the canoe, the wayner, the lasso... any of these would have been acceptable, but I was just stoked to feel good on the bike.

Geoff Homer had a good race and ended up finishing 3rd behind Quin (the dude from Squamish), and Jamie Cameron managed to get in front of Kelly Servinski for his third 4th place of the year!

Good times! Post-race we did a nice spin to Englishman River falls and speculated on our chances of living if we were forced to jump from the bridge. On the way home a stop at Safeway made it a calorie-positive day, and then the obligatory DQ blizzard guaranteed it.

Hope you cats had a good weekend of training! If anyone's planning on doing the Oak Bay ride this Saturday I want to make it hard! No racing this weekend means we can empty the tank right? Oh and if anyone wants to join in for a fun adventure ride, I'll be breaking in the new trail I've built that connects Goldstream Park with the back side of the Malahat on Sunday. MTB or cross bikes!

Tom (24601)

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