Thursday Night MTB Spring Series

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Thursday Night MTB Spring Series

Post by JonB » Mon Apr 07, 2014 9:18 pm

The 4-race mid-week XC spring series presented by Pro City came to a close last Thursday with Halldor Gunnarsson (Stucky Life) taking the overall win for the A group and Paul Underhill (Rumble) overtaking Dee Stevens (Pro City) in the last race for the overall win in B.

I have to say that this by far the funnest racing I’ve done on the island to date. The courses were super short and the atmosphere was super casual. There was also an element of tactics involved in the form ofVALUABLE series points obtained via a) hidden eggs around the course which were difficult to find and even more difficult to bring back to the finish line intact; b) trying to beat the “dealer” in black jack by collecting cards along the course; c) a strange formula of combined time and position that only Scotty Mitchell knew how to calculate and d) the write-your-name on a balloon and hope it doesn’t get popped game.

OBB Wheelers were represented by myself, KFed, and Katie Rabien. Together, we struck fear into the minds of our competition through a combination of mad easter-egg hunting skills, card counting, bribing Scotty Mitchell to manipulate the “formula” in our favour, and writing Russell Anderson’s name on every balloon to get him disqualified. Hey, all’s fair in love and war.

The series concluded with a tailgate BBQ party catered by the Pro City gang. Huge props to these guys, they put on one hell of a series which I really hope happens again next year. Thanks also to Mark Nelson at Race Day Timing for allowing me to calculate exactly how far in front of Russell I was in every race.

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