April 30 Speedway VCL Report

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April 30 Speedway VCL Report

Post by JonB » Wed Apr 30, 2014 9:18 pm

Tonight we raced bicycles at the Speedway. All the major teams (Russ Hayes, OBB-Wheelers, and Pro City) were well represented, with a few additional riders from Red Truck and IRC. Representing OBB-Wheelers was Eugene, Trev, Mick, myself, and Stephane. Stephane actually finished 4th in the B race and apparently didn’t get enough of a workout so he decided to race with the As as well! I was a bit sore from being taken out be a dog the day before so I excused myself from attacking on the gun. Fortunately Trevor was able fill in for me. The net effect of this was 10 laps of consecutive attacks and counter-attacks. At one point I think I saw Mick in a break, then Trevor made it into a more sustained move with Jamie Cameron and another couple of riders. I somehow made it into this move for a couple laps but it wasn’t to be. Fortunately, when we got caught, Eurgene took off down the road with Cody. This was great as it forced Pro City to chase. The pair worked well together and extended their gap to close to ½ a lap. This held for most of the race and looked like it was going to stick until ~7 laps to go when Pro City put all their guys on the front and ground down the gap in the space of 4 laps – a heartbreaker for Eugene and Cody but Trev and I were well positioned for the bunch sprint. With ~3 to go Eugene and Cody were caught and Pro City was still on the front pushing the pace. Bell lap and the pace stayed pretty high-Jay was the first to attack on the back side, I went with him and by the finishing stretch it was a 3 up sprint between Isaac, myself, and Jay with the three of us finishing in that order. Trevor posted his best ever result in a VCL (5th) and Mick finished 9th. With Eugene in the break for most of the race and three of us finishing in the top 10 it was a pretty successful day. Stephane gets props for doing the double header and still having something left in the tank for the bunch sprint.

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Re: April 30 Speedway VCL Report

Post by trevor » Thu May 01, 2014 11:32 am

Great report Ron Ron.
It was a fun race. Actually I was surprised at how much fun it was considering the course. Lots of peppy accelerations, attacks, riders off the front, jostling for position, and team tactics at play. Kudos to the team: Stephane jumping in and looking good after placing so high in the Bs, Eugene off the front with Cody burying himself in the break, Ron/Mick/myself for marking and going with attacks at various points in the race and for a strong placing in the top 10. Super fun night guys. Newton next Wednesday. I don't think I'll be leading anyone out!

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