Tsolum River Road Race - Comox - April 25 - Wheelers continue their strong showings.

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Tsolum River Road Race - Comox - April 25 - Wheelers continue their strong showings.

Post by jmpb » Sun Apr 26, 2015 6:17 pm

Leaving Victoria at 7 am in the rain was not boding well for the Tsolum River Road Race, the first of the season racing series up in the Comox Valley. The skies cleared around Nanaimo though, and we were greeted with rising temperature and sunshine on the start line for the 88 km
, 8 lap road race. The only Wheeler to make the trek was your truly, along with Curtis S., Steve B., and Paul T. from IRC. Pro City Racing had a strong contingent show up, with Alex H, Tubbs, Mike D., and Isaac on the start line for the Pink.
Isaac and I made an early break to stretch our legs, but we never really gained any more than about 20 seconds on the pack, with past World Ironman champion Peter Reid leading the chase. After about 8 k off the front Isaac and I were reeled in. There were a few half hearted attacks through to the mid-way point of the race, but Peter was patrolling the front of the group and prevented anything from getting more than a few seconds.
About half way through the race I took a flyer and stayed out front for about 7 km before Peter and the PCR guys brought me back.
Me and the IRC guys worked out a strategy to try to tire out the PCR guys, and all through the second last lap we took turns attacking in order to keep the PCR guys chasing. The tactic worked rather well, as they were feeling their legs as the bell lap began. With the PCR guys at the front, holding the group steady for Isaac I moved to the front and increased the pace enough to string us into a single line. The goals was to have one of the IRC guys attack from that line, but by the time I reached the second corner after the long straightaway, I had a gap with Alex H, and Dan from Comox. We decided to punch it to see what would happen and at about the same time back in the pack, Isaac and the other PCR guys hesitated as they had Alex in the break. After a few good hard pulls by the three of us we were clear with about 5 or 6 k to the finish line. Alex and Dan seemed to have some trouble pulling past so with about 3 k to go I jumped them and opened a gap. They were unable to close it, so I put my head down and headed for the finish.
As I came around the last corner on my way up the finishing climb I jumped out of the saddle to sprint out of the corner. Just as I did that I noticed something big and black lumbering out of the right hand ditch about 300 metres ahead of me. It was a black bear! I stopped sprinting and started waving my arms and welling at it. "Hey bear! Get moving" I am sure the marshall at the corner thought I was crazy, thinking to himself, "the finish line is at the TOP of the hill, bozo." The bear continued across the road and I continued to the finish to come in about 10 seconds ahead of Alex who secured second, and Dan in third. The Pack sprint was won by Isaac, with Steve B just behind him for fourth.

Thanks to the crew up in Comox for putting on the race and a big thanks to the IRC guys for teaming up with me for this race. Couldn't have done it without their efforts and support.


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Re: Tsolum River Road Race - Comox - April 25 - Wheelers continue their strong showings.

Post by trevor » Sun Apr 26, 2015 6:42 pm

Congrats Mick!
I don't know what's better, your win or your race report.
Well done pal. Awesome stuff!

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