May 3rd Windsor

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May 3rd Windsor

Post by marc » Sun May 03, 2015 6:43 pm

The B race today was an interesting one. Bright skies and warm weather were in effect though, making it a great start. A few laps in saw what turned out to be the winning move from Killian from UVic Cycling and Calgary Steve. Kudos to them for making it happen early. After some jitterey cornering, there were 2 crashes. The second catching 4-5 folks around corner 3 and causing the race to neutralize and start at the finish line with only 3 laps to go. Predictably the last three were fast and furious, and I didn't see who ended up who took 3rd.

Wheelers in attendance were Marcel, Ian Brown, Kayla and myself.

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Re: May 3rd Windsor

Post by stephane » Sun May 03, 2015 7:03 pm

Trevor, Eugene, Geoff, Andrew and me rode the Windsor "A" race today. We were all pretty pumped for the race and wanted to ride aggresively: attack often and cover every move made by other teams. I think we did pretty well in that respect, with everyone doing their fair share of work. Unfortunately, no-one was able to stay away that long and it came down to a bunch sprint with TMac our top finisher in 4th. I didn't see the sprint as I went down in "crash corner" and DNFed. I'll leave it to one of the other guys to post a more detailed report. Finally, a huge thank you to Jenny, Sonya, David and all the other volunteers for making this a great event.
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Re: May 3rd Windsor

Post by trevor » Mon May 04, 2015 8:29 am

Way to go guys. Windsor is a fun event and one I look forward to each season.

The A race was great. We were sending guys off the front and animating the race throughout. In hindsight we could have organized a lead out better but considering the sketchy cornering by some riders perhaps we played it as best as we could have. Or perhaps not...:)

There were two crashes in our race. Sorry to see you go down Stephane. I hope your bike is ok and that you heal up quick. We'll miss your presence out at Latoria.

Thanks to Jenny and all of the awesome volunteers who helped make Sunday an awesome event. You guys rock.

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Re: May 3rd Windsor

Post by kaylavandermolen » Mon May 04, 2015 9:38 am

Couldn't ask for a nicer day for the first WPC! Thank you to all the volunteers and organizers. It's a tough event to pull off flawlessly and it makes for such a great day with friends and like minded athletes.

The 'B' race was fast and furious from the start with Trevor Orme , Doug Doyle and the other IRC racers attempted rotating attacks which didn't quite pan out. about 10 minutes in I heard what sounded like a large crash in corner 3. we called out to neutralize but front of the pack kept on going and a smaller group of us got held back. It turned out Trevor Orme broke a spoke but no one else went down from it (it sure sounded bad).

I worked in a group of 3 with Alexa and Warren C. We eventually swolled up Marc D who was a well appreciated fresh set of legs as we were getting very tired trying to keep up a good clip. We reabsorbed back into the lead group at around 35 minutes and the rest of the race felt like a breeze.
In lap 2/5 a unattached racer clipped his pedal in corner 3 and took down a number of racers. I locked my brakes but recovered okay (thank you CX skills!). After an organized restart for the last 3 laps the race went by quick. Those few minutes to cool down didnt feel good on the legs but I still had some juice for a sprint at the end.

It was fun and I used the chance to work on my crit skills. 1. riding in the drops; I haven't had enough practice in corner in my drops so was happy I stuck to that goal. 2. cornering (using my body weight more) 3. sprinting out of corners (gear selection). I was also impressed with my consistent lap times.

Great racing all around and kudo's to Marc D who has been improving every week especially in his corner and team work (thanks for the pulls).

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Re: May 3rd Windsor

Post by WillCorbett » Mon May 04, 2015 11:12 am

C Race Report

As I just joined the club a bit over a week ago Windsor Park was my first in Wheelers colours. As everyone in this club seems super strong I was left on my own to face about 15ish Tripleshot riders, 3 O2 riders, and 1 ProCity rider in the C race. After the neutral lap Alan, O2, got a gap on the pack while I was drifting back after my turn on the front and therefore didnt cover the move. After a lot of hard work on the front, with help from some of the Triple shot riders and a ProCity rider, we were never able to bring Alan back to the bunch. Simon, O2, was up there disrupting the flow of the pack and putting in no effort in the front to help Alan stay away. With three to go I decided second was going to be the best I could do without wearing myself out before the sprint so I sat in. I came out of the final turn in about 6th wheel and could not get around Simon in the final kick. Finished 3rd overall in the end.

Great Racing on a perfect day.

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