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Newton VCL - May 13

Posted: Wed May 13, 2015 8:54 pm
by ghomer
Newton is easily the most difficult and selective of all the VCL courses. It's a race the heavier set folks like to skip, and the rest of us just have to suffer through. Tonight we were in for 16 laps of roughly two and a half minutes, of which half is a steep climb. The Wheelers crew had a pre-race plan to support yours truly. I've gone well at this course before, so I tried to step up. Pre-race jitters came on cue, two hours to race time, and I attempted the anxious energy to positive energy conversion, to no avail.

On the start line, the RH crew was well represented. Jordan Landholt was the dangerman I was tasked with marking; we were hoping a sizzling Tuesday TT the night before might make him more mark-able. Famous last words. On lap two he ramped it up going into the climb and I lasted until about half way up, and then could hold his wheel no longer. The race devolved into a 14 lap race for second. Kudos to Jordan, an unbelievable performance. Look for him at Nats. I was hoping that the remaining riders would dwindle as the laps amassed, and I might be able to make up a small selection contesting the finish. It kinda happened that way, and despite Trevor and ARuss doing some serious work for my benefit, lap after lap of following the punch-king Cody Canning as he kicked to try and create separation left me tasting copper and crosseyed in the last quarter of the race. Big ups to Trev and Andrew for their selflessness throughout the race. A better set of teammates, I could not ask for. I left it all out there, but found myself lost as the sprint began on the last lap, only to cruise across the line in the 5-10 range. Kudos again to Mick and Marc, and all the volunteers and Marshalls for making the race possible. BIg thanks for your work...Next up...Saturday World Champs, 9am at the OBB parking lot.


Re: Newton VCL - May 13

Posted: Thu May 14, 2015 1:01 pm
by trevor
Great report Geoff. I wish I could have done more for you pal. That was a tough one.

Newton VCL - May 13 - B

Posted: Thu May 14, 2015 5:26 pm
by richm
Newton makes you painfully aware of some of the basic laws of physics, such as "that which goes down, must have first gone up". Man, that was a tough course. Not surprisingly the pace was slow and my goal was survival. I felt bad after the first climb and it got worse before it got better. Some sick individual was ringing in the bell lap from about 3rd lap, so I resigned myself to not even looking at the lap board and simply assumed I was trapped in some strange sequel of the movie Groundhog day. Much to my surprise the bell lap did eventuate: coincidentally precisely when a gap opened in front of me. I managed to close the gap on the downhill, and even passed a couple riders on the penultimate climb. Rounding the corner wobbly legs kicked in, and I managed to traverse my way to the finish line, at which point I decided some cycle cross in the ditch would be a welcome change. Don't think it could have gone much better!


Re: Newton VCL - May 13

Posted: Fri May 15, 2015 8:48 am
by WillCorbett
C Race- Mens
Newton was a course that both Lexi and I felt would work well for us and it was quickly confirmed. The group became split on the first climb. At the beginning of lap 2 there were just 4 in the lead group including two from TripleShot, TK and Nick, that have been racing a mix of B and C races, O2’s Simon and myself. On the third lap I noticed that Simon was having some difficulties so I put in a small attack to try and ride him off the wheel, which worked better than expected as it would also drop Nick; leaving me alone with TK. The two of us road together until 3 to go when I could not match the pace of the little powerhouse that is TK; crazy kids with their recovering capabilities. With a good lead on third I was able to sit up and take the last two laps a bit easier and hold 2nd.

Womens Race
Lexi’s plan was to just ride at her pace and see how it went. After the first climb she had dropped the only other girls in the race and she just had relatively relaxing ride for the women’s win. She managed to catch some of the stragglers from the lead group however once passed by a girl they lifted their pace while Lex just enjoyed the day. With the win Lexi has taken over the lead spot in Women’s C.