VCL Neild Road

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VCL Neild Road

Post by marc » Thu May 28, 2015 9:39 am

As one of the home races for the Wheelers - it showed in numbers last night. Representing the Gold, Black and Blue were: ARuss, AByrnes, TMack, Will, Andy, Kyle Denny (new addition!), Rich, Geoff, Eugene and myself.

Neild is a beautiful stretch of road tucked away in the depths of Metchosin. It's one of those "happy medium" climbs that's neither too long, nor too steep. I still complained excessively, ask anyone around last night, but credit where credit is due to the road. It seemed like most of the Wheelers posted good times as well - which always makes for a better night. The weather feeling like summer all in made for one exceptional evening.

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