VCL Caleb - June 3

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VCL Caleb - June 3

Post by ghomer » Thu Jun 04, 2015 11:22 am

Overcast and slightly muggy were the conditions on the day, but that did little to dampen Wheeler spirits. Myself, Trevor, ARuss and a welcome cameo from Matt Sharpe were flying the flag in the 'A' race. While RH didn't have their full compliment of riders, they were represented by the always dangerous Cody Canning, and the nimble Dannick Vandale. Adding more spice to the mix was the large quadded Isaac LeBlanc. With our numbers, we anticipated being relied-upon to bring back any breaks that didn't include a Wheeler. The obvious solution, to our collective minds, was to be in everything. That was pretty much how it went - ARuss and Matt were off the front for a while, as too was a solo Fabian, a Fabian accompanied by yours truly, and a mishmash of others accompanied by a Wheeler in some form or other. The first truly dangerous move came half-way into the race. A group of four, Trev and ARuss included, got a wee gap and Matt and I sat up to allow others to try manfully to bring the break back. Isaac was up to the job, unfortunately, and the move was brought back just in time for Cody to counter. Having had the benefit of sitting up while Isaac dragged the group back, I was able to mark Cody and go with his attack. Parker B, in his first VCL of the season, and Andrew McCartney of PCR also came along. To our surprise - and no doubt helped by a refusal to do chase work by Trev, ARuss and Matt - the four of us made up the race winning move. We managed six or seven laps of solid paceline work, with only AMcC not contributing. In the last lap, I played it way too timid and didn't trust my form to attack the group from distance; preferring instead to try my luck against Cody in a sprint. I should've known better. Third was all I could managed, pipped at the line by Parker. Shout outs are in order to the Wheelers that didn't chase, and to the volunteers that help make grass roots racing possible.


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