Gastown GP

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Gastown GP

Post by aruss » Thu Jul 16, 2015 3:09 pm

First Cat 1/2 crit last night, got smashed and loved every minute of it.

Had heard many stories on this one but nothing could prepare me for what was to be unleashed upon some of Vancouver's most historic roads. 50 laps of a 1.3km circuit around 'Gassy Jack' which featured a 150 degree turn at one end and a chicane at the other linked by two straights, one covered with rustic brick-pavers. After taking in the the women's race they let the 150 or so men onto the course, opting not to take a lap, I headed directly to the start to get the best start position i could. Setting up 6 or 7 rows back it was a decent position to start. All it took though was one guy fumbling to clip-in as we rolled out to have that position evapourate. The effort was just amped the entire time i could hang in, peppered with full-gas sprints out of every corner. As the race continued, riders dropped behind me and I moved back putting me at the end of the accordion which at one point stretched almost the entire length of water street (400m). About 15 laps in a crash happened at the chicane which i avoided but then found a gap that i needed to close. Unable to do so I chased for a few laps, risking the corners in an effort to rejoin but could not seal the deal. After about a third of the 50 laps I was waived off course. Quite the experience and rush to have taken a part of for the time i could. Puts it into perspective at how strong the continental pros are. To imagine another level above that is difficult to swallow. On to the next, whiterock crit, which hopefully i'll be able to write back with a finishing result.
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Re: Gastown GP

Post by trevor » Thu Jul 16, 2015 7:56 pm

Rad, rad, rad.
Good on ya pal. Great pics and an even better stepping up with the big guns. Windsor will be so easy now!
Best of luck at White Rock.

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