Caleb VCL

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Caleb VCL

Post by trevor » Thu Aug 06, 2015 2:19 pm

The last Caleb of the season saw 20 race in the As. ARuss, Sharpie, Steph, James, and this reporter were the Wheeler contingent for the longest VCL of the year, 20 laps.

For the majority of the race Matt and Steph marked escapees with Fabian, Parker, and Cody (multiple times!) all taking their chances. The efforts of these two hard men can not be understated. If they weren't at the front setting the tempo they were on a threatening wheel, ready to go. Kudos to James for stepping in to the mix as well.

Their control of the race allowed ARuss and I to pick and chose our times to go. With 6 laps remaining ARuss put in an attack on the finishing climb that saw Cody and Vinko on his wheel. I jumped and bridged, catching them on the descent. We sucked up Chris from DW (he was off the front by 10") and we had 5 on the go, gaining ground quickly. Knowing it'd be up to BSC and PCR to bring us back I felt good about the move sticking until catastrophe struck: Vinko crossed my rear wheel and did a complete yard sale, going from being on the yellow line to taking ARuss out in to the shoulder. Cody accelerated and we were down to 3. Admittedly the next few laps were a tough go, and a bit of a blur, that saw CC doing the brunt of the work. With 3 to go ARuss and Vinko were pushed back in to the mix and ARuss immediately went on a mission pulling for an entire lap, dropping Vinko, and then relentlessly attacking CC until bell lap. Cody attacked on the kickers and ARuss dragged him back. It'd be a 3 up sprint with ARuss leading us out. CC got the jump and I had 2 locked up until I lost my front tire off the pavement for a split second (rookie mistake) and lost 2nd on the line.

All in all not a VW win but another strong showing of dictating and being aggressive.
Kudos to the team for a stellar race. Eugene, Mick, Ian, and Geoff were all missed. I can only imagine the suffering we'd put on if we had health and numbers.
As always, super rad racing with you guys.

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Re: Caleb VCL

Post by aruss » Thu Aug 06, 2015 3:33 pm

Good report Trev!

You musta been hurting, Vinko and I were right back in after one free lap!

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