Windsor VCL

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Windsor VCL

Post by trevor » Mon Aug 17, 2015 12:30 pm

The last crit of the season and real VCL race of the year saw a good batch of fit dudes toe the line at our very own Windsor Park event. Ready to rock for the Wheelers were this reporter, ARuss, Tom, Eugene, James, Matt, and Marc (making his first jump to the A field - well done pal!).

The race was, for most parts, pretty relaxed with a few moves that looked strong. Matt got off the front early with TRT Jay and a few others before being brought back. Next up was Tom with RHs Jon until Jay bridged and rode through the tired duo. For a good 10' Jay was half a lap off the front before the Wheeler train brought it back. With 15' to go ARuss put in a solid move that saw him go clear. BSC Fabian and IRC Paul both tried to bridge but couldn't quite make the break. It looked like ARuss was all alone until RHs Ty (solid form right now) went after him. I cracked the whip after he gained 50m but was immediately marked by someone so I sat up and let our bets lay with a 50/50 for the win in ARuss and Ty staying away.

With 5 to go Jay went to the front and motorpaced the group up for 3 laps. It was an awesome display of how good he's going after battling a nasty injury earlier this season and now gearing up for track. With 2 to go teams got organized and it became clear that the mellow pace had resulted in everyone staying in and a broad field coming in to the final corners. ARuss, our guy off the front, had put in a solid attack that saw him gain 10 lengths on Ty during bell lap only to be brought back and nipped at the line. A solid finish and placing for the squad and another example of the many weapons we can serve race in and race out. Well done ARuss.

After finishing 6th I was personally able to breathe and breath of fresh air. Not only would Windsor be my last race of the season but it was the end of battling for the overall A Division title, a culmination of points from throughout the VCL season. The team backed me all year, putting themselves in the red and beyond to get me to the front of each race and to a solid placing each time out. Although I know I have improved a lot this past year I can say wholeheartedly that every success I had this season is a direct result of our combined commitment and efforts. Guys, I can't thank you enough. I don't know the last time a Wheeler has won the overall A title. Kudos to you all - Geoff, ARuss, Mick, Stephane, Tom, Eugene, Matt, Ian, James, and Marc - you guys rock!

Now on to CX season! :lol:

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Re: Windsor VCL

Post by marc » Tue Aug 18, 2015 7:34 am

Great season, great ride report.

You worked hard for that and you definitely put in the time and effort. Congrats, and it's very well deserved. Really, good work to all the "A" racer dudes - it was so inspiring to see how you all came together this year and really worked as a team. It was exciting year and now this is the reward.

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