COTR 2015 - TugBoat Ladysmith

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COTR 2015 - TugBoat Ladysmith

Post by trevor » Mon Sep 28, 2015 1:52 pm

A beautiful day only outdone by the beautiful venue, Ladysmith was a truer CX course design than Cumberland which meant corners, sand, and stairs.
A load of VWs were out. Please post your own recaps if you can. There are so many stories from within the race during CX season. It is truly an amazing sport.
Racing in the expert category were this reporter, ARuss, and Geoff. The start chute had us rev it up a grassy hill in to a hard 180 right and in to the trees for a series (about 15) of tight turns around trees. Off the gun I got a good jump and passed a few guys after the 180. I got in to a good grove in the trees (last year's undoing for me) and found myself uncomfortably chugging along for the first few laps. My plan was to stay on the bike as much as I could which meant riding two sand sections and a gravel beach section each lap. I felt like the on/off of the bike would gas me a bit too much and overall I think this plan worked in my favour. In the middle of the race I found myself in a good battle with Mycal and Hal. Whenever we hit these sections my riding and turnover got me a bit of a gap as they were forced to remount.
Sadly this strength couldn't be consistent enough all race as on bell lap (and 300m from the finish) I boggled the sand and dismounted allowing Mycal and Hal some critical bike lengths that I couldn't make up. I'm better than that.
All in all it was an awesome day. Looking forward to Topaz in a few weeks!
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Re: COTR 2015 - TugBoat Ladysmith

Post by dreeves69 » Thu Oct 01, 2015 8:12 pm

Tugboat CX was my first race as a Wheeler and clad in my new superhero onesie, (aka. skin suit) I felt the energy of the history of the club as I weaved and bobbed my way through the Masters Race.

Ladysmith is hands down my favourite course of the COTR series. The varied terrain, the weather and the ocean made up for the fact that missing the first race in Cumberland meant I was destined to start in the bowels of a 65 strong field. I raced Expert last year for the first time and enjoyed the experience immensely, however, the speed of the Expert class is exchanged for old man craftiness in the Masters racers; it is something you appreciate once you hit that magic number of 40.

I didn't really expect much of a result so tried to stay calm as I waited for the dreaded blast from the bull horn. When it came I found myself moving up the inside in an attempt to get by as many guys as possible. I knew there were a lot of strong riders in the front row and also a gang of talented guys on all sides of me at the back of the main group. The first couple of laps were a blur as I tried to figure out the quickest ways to get through the sand pit, along the pebbles and sand of the beach and around the endless turns in the forested section. I truly had not idea where I was in the race and found it hard to believe when someone said I was in sixth.

Following a strong rider dressed in a blue onesie that everyone kept calling 'Norm' I eventually found out that I had caught up to THE 'Normon Tibault'. This was good news. A friend and sometimes nemesis for 25 years, he had duped me with his new attire. I was expecting him to be in his forever Kona gear. I knew he had started in the front row so I must be in okay shape. I made it around him and into what I found out later to be third place . It was hard to tell where the riders at the front of the race were because so many people had been lapped and the Super Masters were also on the course.

I rode in that position (3rd) until the last lap when Norm gapped me slightly after the stairs. I tried get back on his wheel through the trees and almost made it. Sean Cruickshank was riding like a phantom (as in I had no idea he was nearby) and he also got by me in the last half lap. I crossed the line in fifth place.

It was a glorious day to be on a bike. I'm looking forward to riding with and cheering on a strong Wheelers contingent come the first race in Victoria on Thanksgiving Day.

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