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July 23rd - Windsor Park (A)

Posted: Mon Jul 24, 2017 8:05 am
by IsaacTheWhiteKnight
The W at Windsor park has always been elusive to the Wheeler crew, we were bound and determined to end the curse and finally win our home race. After throwing around a few tactical ideas our captain TMack decided to force a bunch sprint and not work in any breaks and just control the race and make it ours.

A strong showing from ProCity and the Wheelers with a few other local strong men including a guest appearing by Jamie Sparling, Raph TheLight and local pro Olibolioli. We set off and the pace was high right off the bat, a few big digs to push a breakaway ended in frustration because we wouldn't work in them. Finally after some frustrating digs ProCity's sprinter decided to go ride off the front and get a break going; the wheelers gladly obliged. This was a grand moment for me to watch our team congregate on the front and just control the pack and the pace, we held Nick Rowe at about 15s and just rotated making him spend his energy, finally ProCity seeing what was happening bridged up to him to tell him to stop riding. Oliver Evans then decided to have a go for himself, the wheelers lined up and did the same thing.

Coming into the final 15min things started getting tense, then Nick Monette went for a solo attack. This was perfect, it relieved pressure from the Wheelers to chase and control and shifted the responsibility of chasing to ProCity. The Wheelers lined up perfectly behind ProCity's Andrew Attwell and wondered when more of his teammates would move forward to help him (shout out to his superhuman effort on the front). Oliver then bridged to Nick to add some power to the break. We were happy. We believed that in a sprint Nick would beat Oli and that the Wheelers were in a very good position. With 5 laps to go IRC Paul Taylor bridged to the break ultimately placing Aruss in with Nick and Oli. The Wheelers were set and the alarm bells were ringing for ProCity as they had no choice but to give everything they had to bring back the front 3.  Using all their domestiques they chased down the break while our sprinters sat in and got a free ride.

With 1.5 laps to go and ProCity starting to lose horse power, I bridged to the 3 men off the front and started to yell "FULL GAS”. Nick and Aruss were pivotal, they went so hard. Kevin Ford put in a magnificent effort to get his sprinter back to the front group, Nick Rowe kicked coming out of corner 3 with 300m to go.  This was perfect as he always does this and I was waiting for it this time. I jumped into his slipstream and waited for my chance to kick which came when we caught Oli in the final 45 degree corner.  Here Nick tried to go on the inside with little room to spare. I watched this happen and swung wide going full throttle. The gap was open and the finish was in sight.

The Wheelers finally won Windsor!

The curse is over,