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Speedway #1

Posted: Wed Apr 25, 2018 8:38 pm
by Nick
It was a beautiful night for a VCL race. Wheelers had Sam, Rich, Isaac, Logan, Marc and myself represented in the A race. Other notable characters included Mitch and Duncan from Smart Savvy, the Breakaway team and a solid BSC team. The race was short and peppy and anyone who has raced speedway knows how hard it is to get away from the pack. A few moves threatened to stick, always with 1 or 2 Wheelers present but nothing seemed to get away. Mitch had some heroic pulls to bring back the odd trio. Isaac controlled the pack for much of the race and rode tempo on the front which made it nearly impossible for any other teams to attack in the later stages of the race. With 5 laps to go we got into position and tried to assert our presence. On the bell lap, I got a nice line on the last corner and was able to hold off Nick Rowe for the win, giving the Wheelers 2 out of 3 wins on the season. Sam nearly missed out on the podium, rolling in in 5th. Really good team riding and fun night!