Speedway #2

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Speedway #2

Post by marc » Fri May 04, 2018 12:15 pm

Every single race is it’s own unique experience and plays out in different ways. Wednesday night’s race at Western Speedway was no exception. Lots of fast circles around Western Speedway were the order of the day and the field for the Wheelers was slightly smaller than normal, with attendees of Rich, Trevor, Eugene, Maxim, Ryley R., Taro and myself. With Ryley Pickrell freshly back from Junior track nationals and stacking up high, no one favoured the chances to take a bunch sprint. Because of that, the group strategizing prior to the race revolved around how we could get something going with a break. Maxim said that as his first time back on a road bike in a while (see what Maxim has been up to here: viewtopic.php?f=6&t=3649) he stated that he felt keen to try to get something started early in terms of a break. Throughout the race, Ryley R. and Maxim made life interesting for everyone else in the race by spending most of their time off the front, trying to make something stick. Anything that didn’t involve a Wheelers was faithfully chased down by Trevor and Eugene. After move after move being reeled back in, eventually Andrew Attwell, Maxim and Gordon Horn snuck away and formed a three man break. With three of the major teams represented, this was the move of the day, staying away until the finish where Gordon made a move and took the solo win. Maxim placed third, doing the Wheelers proud.

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