Tour de Bloom twilight crit

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Tour de Bloom twilight crit

Post by Nick » Sat May 05, 2018 11:23 pm

Quick recap as it is midnight but the caffeine is still flowing through the veins.

Cole maintained good position throughout the race but unfortunately missed out on the pivotal break that ended up sticking. He ended up sprinting it out and came through the line in 6th - maintaining top 10 on the GC.

Myself and Sam lined up as the sun went down and racing got ferocious real quick with the first lap being a $500 prime. Things stayed hot and speeds high throughout the race and there were no shortages of breaks. Sam got in a couple breaks but got reeled in by the hungry pack. With 3 laps to go there was a nasty crash which ended up neutralizing the race for 5+ minutes. 5 laps to go was prescribed to the field after sitting around with lactate in the legs. I managed to sneak my way up and hold a good position for the last few laps with Sam not far behind. The big guns of Florenz and Zach bullied their way up and I did my best to hold position and sprinted in for 5th!

Fun night of racing. One more stage to go - windy road race in the AM.


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