Speedway #3

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Speedway #3

Post by trevor » Thu May 10, 2018 11:05 am

A windy evening on course saw a handful of Wheelers toe the line for 30mins plus 5: this reporter, Ryley, Rich, Isaac, Eugene, Taro and Nick.

From the go it was fast as expected with early moves having Wheelers in all of them until Nick slipped away with BSC strong man Brendan. The two gapped the field quickly with several chasers attempting to get across with no success. After a few minutes Brendan got dislodged and it with Nicky all alone trying solo to catch the group (an impressive performance considering his recent efforts at Tour de Bloom - see other threads). With little cohesion from other teams/riders as well as a few spikey accelerations trying to make it across, Nick's gap opened significantly. Unfortunately the wind proved too much for our man Monette and with 21' to go it was grupo compacto.

A counter on the catch from BSC Parker had Taro covering him and the threat - this solidified the theme for the remainder of the race: Wheelers marking moves.

The last laps saw a few accelerations from others trying to get away from the group with Mr.Hooker, mtb legend Corey Wallace, KFord and A.Atwell however it was to be a bunch sprint on this evening. This reporter got Nick to the final corner and he took it away from there with an admirable kick considering his time off the front throughout the race. Isaac 4th and Eugene 7th and Taro 8th.

This weekend has the first VCL omnium of the season with Neild HC on Sunday, Sydney TT on Tuesday, and another Speedway on Wednesday.

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