Provincials road race - cat 1/2 men

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Provincials road race - cat 1/2 men

Post by Nick » Mon May 28, 2018 9:39 am

Sam and myself linked up in Aldergrove for the Cat 1/2 Provincials road race champs after a few of us grabbed the early morning ferry to the mainland. On the menu was 7 laps of an undulating 20km course. It wasn't a pure climber's course by any means but it wasn't for the flatlanders either. A couple hotshot pros toed the line including Vancouver Island native Nigel Ellsay from Rally. Little breaks happened from early in the race but they never contained the pros, nor did they ever have more than 2 or 3 riders.

It ended up being a race of attrition as everyone followed the heavy hitters. The pack shed it's size in the last 3 laps and halfway through the bell lap it was 10 guys. Unfortunately Sam didn't make the selection as the climbing efforts and headwinds caught up to him. Jordan Cheyne from Elevate-KHS was on the attack in the last 2km and the group split in half with Nigel Ellsay in the back group of 5 including me. I became a betting man in that instant and rather than trying to chase Jordan's move I thought I could grab a free ride from Nigel. Retrospectively, I wish I had gone earlier as our little group missed out on catching the top 5 by about 5 seconds, as I rolled in in 8th. Sam came in shortly after in 14th.

Eugene posted the best result of the day with a 4th in Master B.

Really well organized race and great day!

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