May 6th Latoria VCL

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May 6th Latoria VCL

Post by marc » Thu May 07, 2015 4:56 am

Tonight's Latoria was a good one for the B train. Tonight saw the first successful attempt to work together and keep things together despite some fairly threatening moves off the front. In attendance were Rich, Marcel, Andy, Ian, Kayla and myself. Dave Trill also was in attendance as a "Directeur Sportif." Congrats to Ian on 4th and the rest of the team for a great night of racing.

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Re: May 6th Latoria VCL

Post by trevor » Thu May 07, 2015 6:50 am

Way to go B Train!
The A race was fast. The RHs guys kept sending guys off the front of which we'd cover the moves. At about 4 in to the race Jordan got away. Geoff and ARuss did a great job keeping him in sight. Mick did an epic job trying to sling me across but I just couldn't make it. Thanks pal. You rock.
A few more attempts by RHs to bridge that we covered led to one of their guys getting across. Soon after he over cooked a corner and DNF'd. It was clear that we were the team to cover moves as no one else was seen near the front. A bit of a back-handed compliment really.
On bell we set up a rad lead out of which I got pinched off a wheel. I came out of the last corner 4th wheel (instead of 2nd) and ended up coming to the line in 4th. Eugene came out first wheel and got nipped on the last kicker and finished a strong 3rd.
All in all I think it was a strong showing on our part. We kept RHs in check and although we didn't get the win we were right there.
Onwards and upwards. Kudos to all who raced.
It's sweet to see so many Wheelers in the race scene. Keep it up folks.

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Re: May 6th Latoria VCL

Post by WillCorbett » Thu May 07, 2015 9:03 am

The C Race saw my wife, Lexi, and I repersenting the Wheelers. Before the race began it was nice to meet the rest of the Wheelers participating in the different categories.

C Men

The race itself started fast and furious with my fastest lap being the first by a fair margin. A Russ Hays rider went off the front right away so i jumped to bridge the gap and we worked together until we were joined by Jimmy and Simon, O2, and James, TripleShot on the second lap. I spent a bit of time on the front however more time sitting in for the first 5ish laps as the RH rider put some serious time in the front the entire race. At about 5 to go I knew I had to do something to not let the others in the group get a free ride to the finish so I launched several hard attacks on Happy Valley to make the rest chase and put hard efforts in on the hill to try and bring everyone out of their comfort zone.
The last lap I sat in and hit the final turn second wheel behind the RH rider of course, with Simon right behind me. On the sprint I went a bit too late with unable to get completely around the RH rider by inches.
Solid Ride by the RH rider known only by his number on the results pages.

C Women

Wow....what a race....decided to sit in with the Tripleshot pose and enjoy the effortless 33kms/hour we were holding for 9 laps. My mind starting to go wild around lap 7. Should I breakaway on lap 8? Or hold it to a final sprint on lap 9? I decided to wait til the 9th. Rounding the 2nd last corner Amy went for the breakaway first, way too early, so I had to go too, in order to take first. I snuck out the pack and flew by her giving my all to maintain my lead down the entire stretch and up the hill. The legs couldn't hold it for the 2nd hill (and to be fair I got a bit cocky and thought I had a bigger gap) and I could hear the shouts of Lister behind me yelling at Megan to 'go..go..go!!!' He and her father had pulled her to the hill to offer me some competition. Photo finish. I think she may have beat me by an inch but will wait for the results. What. A. Race.

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Re: May 6th Latoria VCL

Post by aruss » Thu May 07, 2015 10:22 am

Great reports. Just a beauty night to race yesterday for all. Sometimes bike racing can be very frustrating but in the end it is all about the effort and amount of fun you put out and get back from the course. Sounds like both traits were well represented by all Wheelers last night! Newton Heights looms....

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Re: May 6th Latoria VCL

Post by kaylavandermolen » Thu May 07, 2015 10:27 am

Nice work by all the Wheeler's last night! Congrat's Trev on the great finish and all the hard work used to get him there. I hear the A race was frustrating and Russ Hayes were out in numbers.
B race was good. I'm dreaming of better finishes as I race myself fit. I've had 4 races in a row of finishing 23rd, it's a curse now. :o

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Re: May 6th Latoria VCL

Post by stephane » Thu May 07, 2015 2:45 pm

Looks like the Wheelers are well represented in all three categories and we are all out there animating races and having fun. Way to go everyone!

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