VCL Speedway May 20, 2015

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VCL Speedway May 20, 2015

Post by marc » Thu May 21, 2015 6:42 am

The B race tonight was fast and fun. The group largely stayed together with the exception of Killian off the front. Early plans devised by Andy were to send flyers off the front throughout the whole race unrelentlessly. Not totally sure, but I know I didn't make it up to the front to get that shot. The times where I did push up, I was quickly swallowed up and pushed back - lots of fighting for position.

It felt like summer though, and the numbers showed it - the B group was quite large. Wheelers in attendance were Marcel, Rich, Andy, Ian and myself. I didn't see how the sprint shook down (hopefully someone will fill us in) - but the race marked a milestone for me in progress personally - first B race where I didn't get gapped/dropped and stuck with the group the entire time.
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Re: VCL Speedway May 20, 2015

Post by trevor » Thu May 21, 2015 8:29 am

Great recap Marc. Rich was in the B mix too. It sounded like you guys had a hard time hearing the time count and lap count. Thanks for the heads up as it was something I was mindful of coming down the stretch.

The A race was quick. Speedway is always fun: railing the swoopy corners, cranking high speeds, and a nice and wide sprint finish.

Early in the race, maybe 4 laps in, Geoff got in a break with Cody (RHs), AMac (PCR), and Matt Sharp (adopted Wheeler and long limbed tri guy). It was a solid move that gained a good distance on the field pretty quick. Eugene and I tried to work with Curtis (RHs) before he accelerated away from our little group. Isaac (PCR) then came around and him and I bridge up to form a balanced group half a lap off the front. Soon after Geoff went down (he's all good folks, don't lose any sleep) and was granted a lap to jump back in with us. We worked well and were opening up our gap until the cat and mousing began. Just as I felt like we had a chance to lap the field our speed went down and the cohesiveness disappeared. Curtis was the first to leap away, gaining speed and ground up to the field. After some mindful sitting in I jumped as well and began the slog across. A few minutes at 600w and an aware teammate in Mick (he saw me bridging and drifted off the front and then off the back of the field to help lead me across the final 20m of my effort) and I was there. And kudos to Mick as his attentiveness didn't end there. He kept me on his wheel, got me towards the front of the field, and even got us off the front at one point. Thanks pal. Coming in to 5 to go I noticed Cody had managed to bridge across to us too. With Cody, Curtis, and I having lapped the group I knew I was guaranteed a top 3. We lost sight of Curtis for a nano second and wouldn't you know it he was off the front with 3 riders. I managed to come out of the inside line on bell lap and get to the front to open my sprint, unable to catch Curtis but able to edge Cody, I grabbed 2nd.

Steph, Eugene, Mick, Andrew, and Geoff - thanks for the solid work guys. I think even with Geoff's crash he was able to grab 5th. Well done dude.

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Re: VCL Speedway May 20, 2015

Post by marcel » Fri May 22, 2015 8:23 am

That B race was chaos.

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Re: VCL Speedway May 20, 2015

Post by WillCorbett » Fri May 22, 2015 2:25 pm

C Race was a fast and furious afair like the other races. It was a bad day for me, having tired legs from the TT and to basically have to put in a TT effort as teh group did not slow down for a second. The O2 guys came out in strength with around 7 people and as always Tripleshot had a lot of riders. I had a tough time keeping position and avoiding people that were all over the track. Next time I will fight to keep the inside line as I was stuck on the outside a lot throughout the race.

On a positive note I achieved my goal of making the break that Alan, O2 tried to create but we did not stay away for long.

It was good to see a lot of new riders in the group, including several riders that usually appear in the B race.

Who would think I would be a bigger fan of Newton. Hopefully I will be much improved for the next one.

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