Accent Inn Grand Prix

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Accent Inn Grand Prix

Post by aruss » Tue Jun 09, 2015 1:23 pm

Cat 3 Men Report:

30 laps of the legislative greeted Cat 3 which included junior and master men. The largest field on the day rolled out with perfect conditions and a fair crowd to push us round. With just Trevor and I racing we were sure to stay attentive and within the front third to respond to the larger teams (GS, PCR). The first five laps couple laps were honest leading up to the first prime taken by a DEVO rider. Wanting to test the legs and field early I countered the prime sprint on Gov't. A small gap ensued but was swallowed up shortly thereafter. On lap 13 there was a crash on the gov't-Bellevue corner that resulted in a few neutral laps before a stop/reset to allow medical to clear the scene. The crash occurred right in front of Trevor, whom understandably was a bit ruffled by it. After a 5' sit on the start/finish we rolled out again for the remaining 17 laps. Testing the legs a few more times to see if something would stick it became evident nothing would hold, so Trev and I established position and watched the laps tick by. With two to go Fabian attacked on the gov't stretch which was great because it stretched things out and ramped the effort. Fab was reeled in on the back stretch by PCR and then Jamie Cameron went to work on the front setting up their lead-out. I couldn't determine who the lead-out was for but knew I had to be amongst it. JC continued to jam it all the way until the Menzies corner where I took a 'chop' line to move up from 7th to 4th wheel. Menzies was where the race was won/lost as the final stretch provided little real estate to change position. Putting in a big effort along the right hand side I was able to hold 4th spot into the final corner and to the line. Trevor, a bit rattled by the crash was happy to finish unscathed in 15th. PCR did execute on the day with Wilcox taking the W.

Hats off to Jon Watkin and his crew for an amazing weekend of racing. The effort put into the weekend really showed with professionalism and attention to detail for the riders. Well done.

Link to video of last 3 laps of Cat 3 men crit:

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