Caleb Pike #2

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Caleb Pike #2

Post by Nick » Sun Apr 22, 2018 8:23 pm

VCL race number two.

It was a beautiful day to race a bike. Wheelers were out in full force, even though we were missing a couple key players. We haphazardly divided the team pre-race into young and a little less young. The A race did 18 laps and on lap 2 (I think), myself, ARuss and Eugene got into the break of 6 guys, with Gordon and Raph flying the BSC flag and ex-Wheeler Duncan tagging along. The group work consistently with only a few little spurts here and there. Meanwhile the gap grew bit by bit to the main group with some excellent team riding from Stephane, Cole, Ryley, Brian, Logan, Rich, and Taro who limited the new Masters superteam, "Breakaway" from getting in the breakaway.

On the bell lap, ARuss decided to do a little sprint workout to try to take the sting out of a couple guys' legs. My plan was to go early and hit the supertuck hard. I did just that and got a bit of an edge going into the uphill finish but unfortunately Duncan's been eating his Wheaties and got me at the line. Eugene filled out the 3rd podium spot and ARuss 5th.

Thanks BSC for a fun day out!

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