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Post by ghomer » Sat May 21, 2016 11:59 am

OBB Saturday Ride Report - May 21, 2016

Despite overcast skies, the penultimate weekend in May brought many a cyclist to the OBB parking lot for 9AM. The usual ride out to Sidney was pleasant despite the clouds, and amiable banter could be heard throughout the peleton. The Sidney pit stop gave rise to even more chit-chat, which would eventually give way to deafening silence as the A group departed in search of suffering. A massive group, nearly 40 riders, rode through the ferries with little incident, and manage to remain intact despite an injection of pace on Lands End. A profound paucity of cohesiveness was observed throughout the Lands end section of the ride, with few wishing to pull through, evidently surprised to have stuck so long. With Russ Hays competing at Encumclaw, it would be up to the five Wheelers - Sharpie, Ian, Trev, ARuss and myself - to separate the wheat from the chaff. I latched on to a surge from Sharpie on Craig's Hill, which opened up an immediate gap. As has become ritual, the responsibility of the chase fell to non-Wheelers, with Steve Lund burning his full matchbook to reel the two of us in. The airport section saw gaps form throughout the group, as the neophyte A's presumably succumbing to the paces. The narrative of Panorama was one of impending doom, Charge of the Light Brigade-esque. ARuss and I took turns at the front, pushing 7 Watts/Kg in an effort to drive a selection over the kicker. An attack over the top saw a group of seven go clear - the five Wheelers, joined by Martin Sobey and megarath. Martin, in particular, would ride out of his skin for the remainder of the ride, but in general, the cohesiveness of the group of seven would eventually put us out of reach. The observatory rollers brought some out-of-the-saddle jam, but heading into Interurban there was still a willingness to contribute to the pacemaking among our number. I tried dutifully to lead Trevor out for the win, but I left the big fella with too much to do, and I believe he was pipped to the line by an on form, Valverde-esque ARuss.


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Post by Biker » Sun May 22, 2016 5:27 am

I think some the "neophyte A's" need to re-evaluate the way they ride. Realistically, if you lose more than 15 - 20 seconds on Panorama, you aren't getting back on. Relax, regroup, and enjoy the rest of you ride. Going through Saanichton was a shit show, for no reason, the lead group was out of sight. Two stops by the police seemed to calm things down, rest of ride was much more sane.


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Post by stephane » Sun May 22, 2016 8:52 am

Biker wrote:I think some the "neophyte A's" need to re-evaluate the way they ride. Realistically, if you lose more than 15 - 20 seconds on Panorama, you aren't getting back on. Relax, regroup, and enjoy the rest of you ride. Going through Saanichton was a shit show, for no reason, the lead group was out of sight. Two stops by the police seemed to calm things down, rest of ride was much more sane.

2 stops by the police? Not good. We need to be policing ourselves and calling riders out on reckless behaviour. The cops know that this is the OBB/Wheelers ride and various incidents over the last few weeks have already caused us trouble. The reputation of our club is at stake here. This has to stop.

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Post by marcel » Sun May 22, 2016 7:05 pm

Biker wrote:Going through Saanichton was a shit show
I think this is overstating it somewhat.

One person got caught running the 4-way, and he immediately took responsibility for his mistake. Nobody else did anything wrong that I saw. I didn't hear exactly what was said at the second stop (of the whole group), but it appeared that the officer had seen the original offender join the group and wanted to make sure we knew what was expected of us.

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Post by ghomer » Sat Jun 11, 2016 12:36 pm

OBB Wheelers Saturday Ride Report - June 11, 2016

Alternate Title 1: ...Or how I learned to just stop worrying and enjoy the group ride
Alternate Title 2: The economist in me, and the concavity of my motivation function

My goal for this ride report is twofold: To recap the ride, and to explain the beauty of the group ride. I'm currently in the midst of a post goal race malaise. Cameron Law's Saturday Road Race was a target race for me, and I had spent considerable time training and making the sacrifices necessary to put myself in a position to win the race. Ultimately it was not to be, but I'm happy with my performance nonetheless.

Returning to the regular training schedule has been extremely difficult. The marginal benefit, in terms of fitness, from doing a highly structured workout is currently less that the marginal cost, which in this case is the amount of mental effort needed to do a workout. I fully believe that I have a finite amount, or quota, of mental energy to dedicate towards bike riding each race season and I need to use this quota wisely. While a proscribed workout is the most efficient way to gain fitness, it also uses up the most mental energy. The rub is that the further into the season I go, the higher the amount of mental energy it takes to push through a workout. Faced with this conundrum, I've decided to allow my motivation to return organically - when it comes back, it comes back. What will I do in the interim, you might ask? How will I avoid losing fitness out of my pores? The answer: Group rides...which brings me to this week's OBB ride.

The great thing about today's ride was that Dylan Cunningham was motivated. He attacked as soon as we hit Land's end, and continued to seek maximal fitness absorption throughout the ride's fast sections. There were plenty of hangers on - more power to you - but there was a dedicated crew of eight or nine willing to see the wind, and keep DJ Cunningham in check. Up Craig's hill, Raph, Cody and I got a gap, which we maintained until we hit the Reservation. The group of around twenty stayed together through the airport, and there was a lull in the pace as the group approached the ride's major separator: Panorama. After the four way, Dylan attacked and got gap. One of the ride's bigger talkers was forced to eat his words as his bridge attempt went nowhere. Like nowhere at all. Anticipating the impotence of his bridge, I attacked the group and found Dylan's wheel as we went by the rec centre. We worked together well, taking turns at speed, and were joined by a strong group of chasers by the llama farm. Cody, Raph, Trevor, Isaac were flying, and added a much needed surge to our break. Unfortunately, the Brentwood four ways manufactured a re-group. A solid if unspectacular Wallace section was followed by a Dylan pace injection after Red-barn. A set of six or seven were able to match Dylan's pace, and we continued to drive on past the observatory. Can't really recall what went down on Interurban, but as we passed by the college, a monster pull by Trev and Dylan set me up to come around Cody. But really, in what universe do I outsprint Cody? Certainly not this one. Cody #1, me #2.


My motivation function - which plots my willingness to sacrifice, do workouts

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Post by ianbrown » Mon Jun 20, 2016 10:16 am

OBB Wheelers Saturday Ride Report - June 18, 2016
AKA Junior OBB World Champs

Competing with the Grand Fondo for entrants, along with overcast skies and a chance of rain, this edition of the ride rolled out with below average numbers from the shop. Trevor and I were the only Wheelers in the lead group, surrounded by a handful of Russ Hays and TS juniors. Out the Sydney our small group held a quick pace and as tradition we re-enforced our numbers along lochside with Matt S. and Andrew H. The turn onto Hunt saw the rain finally start, which progressed from a light spattering into a full on downpour out in Sydney. With the rain, Trev pulled out to do his own thing.

Not wanting to get too cold or wet, we quickly got back out on the road after a quick pit stop. Along landsend the pace was smooth and high, thanks to the Russ Hays contingent and Sharpie. I was content letting them do their thing. Criag's hill saw the first real attack of the day, but the Manitoba bob of Mitch quickly reeled everything in were we settled back in to smooth pace line. Panorama saw an early attack by Dylan quickly followed by Sharpie with me on his wheel, over the kicker we had the group down to around 8 riders, but cautious cornering and stop signs saw the group swell back up to around 12 along west Sannich. The rest of the ride saw smooth paceline until Dylan would get to front, where he would promptly stay wondering why no one wanted to come around at 600 watts. Into the sprint I was sitting in good position on Sharpie and Andrews wheels, but got boxed in when John Wilcox and a Russ Hays rider came up the side, I was able to fight through them but another Russ Hays ride had already launched up the outside and was out of reach.

1st: Some Ray Hays Junior
2nd: Me
3rd: Another Russ Hays Junior

All in all awesome ride, safe and painful, which is all you can hope for on a wet OBB Sat.

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Post by ghomer » Sat Jul 16, 2016 11:59 am

OBB Ride Report - July 16, 2016

The ride to Sidney happened. A group numbering in the low 20s left Sidney, anticipating a Cody Canning inspired hour of power. The former junior national MTB champ took the Lands End section with his usual verve, ushering in a steady paceline of about twelve or so riders willing to see the wind. In almost too good to be true fashion, my turn was up just as we began the first of the Lands End inclines. I gave it a good dig, with TMac on my wheel, and the big man held the pace high over the top, only for our efforts to come to naught as Cody coolly reeled us in. As everyone sat up at the catch, Cody just continued to ride, opening a gap, which I was able to bridge just before Craig's Hill. Cody and I were soon joined by Sharpie, Trev, and an in form Brennan and Martin. A windy airport section saw gaps open aplenty, with Cody injecting pace oh so nonchalantly. Respite at the roundabout saw groupo compacto into Panorama.

Up Pano, Cody set a fierce tempo, and I tried my utmost to maintain our pace into the kicker. Over the top, the triathlete triumvirate of Martin, Brennan, and Sharpie, as well at Pitre, Cody, Megan, Trevor and myself would establish a gap which would stick the remainder of the ride. To my surprise, we all worked extremely well together, with Martin and Brennan in particularly strong form - co-riders of the day for sure. The post Red Barn rollers saw the usual surge and hide games, with the Observatory kicker proving decisive. Cody forced a gap, and he and I crested together, and were joined by Trev and Megan. If you're thinking the sprint was a foregone conclusion, you'd be right. I'm still searching for that alternate universe where I'm able to outsprint Cody.

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Post by trevor » Sat Jul 30, 2016 8:51 pm

OBB Ride Report - July 30

A smaller contingent departed Tulista sans any big guns so the banter turned to "perhaps it'll be a mellow ride" and "we'll finish as a group". That is until RHs Isaac, H&R Juri, and IND Emile joined the peloton through Sidney. Not too long on to Lands End and sure enough Juri surged ahead taking Wheeler strong man Nick and young gun Chris McLeod (Giant Langley) with him. Emile rolled off the front (with serious watts, note: this will be the theme of the day) to bridge and this reporter was a few too many wheels back in the paceline to join him. As soon as daylight safely presented itself I jumped and was making ground until Emile showed his true TT prowess and left me unable to make contact. A quick shoulder glance and Isaac was with me. A bit of respite in his draft and my next turn in the wind saw the RHs powerhouse surprisingly fall back. I was now joined by USA tri-guy (sorry if you're reading but I haven't caught your name) and Wheeler Brian. Together the three of us made some ground and eventual contact. Now a group of seven we rolled towards the airport (this reporter missing a few turns with a nasty headwind and Panorama looming). Sure enough over the top Juri went and only Emile and I could match the move. Emile's first turn through dropped the two of us (recall the theme of the day?) and forced our hand at catching back on as we descended from Dean Park. Together the 2.5 of us rolled the distance (the .5 being myself as I was completely punched by this point) with the duo's fine form tugging us along the way. Quote of the day came from Emile, the juggernaut, with "Man, the Cascades blood work is definitely showing today. Wow!" I couldn't agree more Emile. You two were next level.
Juri with the sprint win.
Me humbled.
Emilewith the hardman award.
Until next week.

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Post by marc » Sat Sep 10, 2016 1:54 pm

Today's numbers were lower despite the warm and sunny September weather, so one large group of around 20 rolled out of the shop, gradually growing in size as the ride went along. The pacing out to Sidney was the usual casual social pace, and with a Cross race tomorrow, it seemed logical that would be the name of the game. So wrong.

Two groups left Sidney, 15 in the front group, 18 or so in the second. Things started off steady with Eugene grabbing the front of the group and holding a respectable pace. I decided to test out my legs and went off the front. Steve Lund took the chance to bridge up, but we were quickly reeled in. The rest of Lands End was steady, with only minor casualties. This was until Craig's Hill, where Eugene mounted a massive attack, causing the group to surge in response, causing the first major selection of the day. Things settled down on the descent into Patricia Bay, but then quickly became hard with cross winds in abundance once the harbour was in sight and lasting until just about the foot of Panorama. Riding threshold to the bottom of the hill meant that things stayed together mostly, and steady. The usual kick at the top of Pano dropped some more riders, with a solid pace over the top and down.

This is where things got more animated. Stop signs became Eugene's chance to launch repeated attacks, really animating the ride. Numbers were dwindling even further, eventually landing at Eugene, Megan, Steve Lund, Giant Chris and myself. a hard pace until Interurban meant that things were primed for massive accelerations once at the start. Towards the end, Chris launced an attack on the final rise, with only Eugene holding on, the two of them going on to finish 1 and 2 with the rest of the group slowly limping in.

Good ride, and a great lead up to the first Cross on the Rock race tomorrow!

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Post by aruss » Sun Jan 22, 2017 9:51 am

January 21st, 2017

Safety. Decisions on the road make or break the safety of the group. When we ride together it is the weakest link that can make the whole group unsafe. Common sense and awareness are so important.

A general concern I see week after week is taking up too much of the road. I would like to propose a alternative method of rotation through the group. Currently the front two riders split off either side and fall back along the outside of the group. Swelling to four-abreast and sometimes taking 20-30seconds to slot in at the back this creates unnecessary risk. I would propose that we try a new method of rotation. After the front two riders agree to pull off, the left rider slows up slightly, this allows the right rider to move over to the left position. The second wheel on the right moves up to the lead. This gives each rider two pulls at the front which I think will keep the pace under control to Sidney and never have us more than two-abreast.

Ride smart.

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