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Jan 6, 2018 - OBB Saturday

A brisk but rolling paceline threaded Lands End as the first Saturday ride of 2018 made its mark. 'Get Some' saw the first acceleration of the day with Oliver punching up and over the chip seal climb. After the left onto Birch Rd. a few well timed attacks saw Raph, Oli, and your Author sneak away only to reeled back shortly on the descent to Pat Bay. Things lulled along Patricia's coastline, with many riders recouping for Pano. Around the airport young Riley rolled off the front and held 10m on the group to the first roundabout. A part from a small dig at the beginning of the climb the first half of Pano was fairly controlled. When Mitch throttled the group with a healthy dose of HP past the rec centre shrapnel began to fly. Only Oliver could hold Mitch's wheel up the climb and did well to around him over the top. Four others including Raph, Martin, Garth, and your Author collected themselves on the false flat by the John Dean turnoff and made chase. Timing the catch of Oli and Mitch just past Newton Valley, said Author threw a "winter'ish" counter on Mitch and Oliver as the group bee-lined into Saanichton. The group kept rolling with Raph taking some strong pulls along Wallace to Brentwood Bay. Rich, Riley, and Wade made good work to reconnect with the group nearing Butchart. The group held steady for the remainder of Wallace, West Saanich, and the lead out along Interurban. Oliver took first serve for the final sprint but Raph was too strong taking honors but a couple bike-lengths.

Great start to the 2018 campaign!

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