VCL Speedway - June 10

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VCL Speedway - June 10

Post by trevor » Wed Jun 10, 2015 8:44 pm

A smaller field after last weekend's Bob Cameron Series showed up for the speedy Speedway circuit. Myself, Stephane, Eugene, and Geoff lined up against 4 PCR, 4 RHs, and a mix of other clubs and a few brave Bs.
The pace started out quick and within a few laps several riders dropped out. Isaac spent a considerable time off the front either in small groups until they got pulled back or absolutely by himself. Cody, Geoff, Isaac and I found ourselves in a small group with a gap but the PCR guys brought it back quick. It became clear that they weren't working for Isaac and on this course I figured it had to be Alex. Stephane did an amazing job marking moves with several critical accelerations swiftly brought back. Geoff and Eugene each took turns turning the screws on us all. Geoff was marked by two RHs riders and no one could go with Eugene whenever he decided to open it up. A slight headwind along the finishing stretch made it extremely difficult to stay away and so I settled in the the PCR lead out train, 4th wheel, with 5 to go. Isaac did a tough man's work at the front with Alex sitting in the sweet spot followed by Andrew and I. As we came around on the bell Isaac pulled off and Alex couldn't/wouldn't pull through so I put the bit between the teeth and opened it up out of the saddle across the line and through corner one. I jumped out of the saddle on the back stretch knowing no one was coming around my wheel until I carved through the corner at the very latest. Sure enough Cody and I exited on to the finishing straight wheel to wheel and he out gunned me. Having little left after having gone from so far I got nipped by Andrew to take 3rd.
More points, yes, but not a Wheeler win.
Kudos to Geoff, Stephane, and Eugene for riding so well all race. It's rad to see 4 guys take turns working together. Right on.

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Re: VCL Speedway - June 10

Post by WillCorbett » Thu Jun 11, 2015 12:21 pm

The C race started off a bit slower, allowing for several attack as none of the bigger teams were willing to take the front. I figured as I was going it somewhat alone, good to see Jackie out there again, once again I would try to sit in more with the intent of lauching a late attack. About 5mins in 3 people got away and with Tripleshot and O2 repersented in the break, I started to put in some turns on the front to keep them close. After a long turn in the front I realized that no one was going to come around me to take up the pacing so I headed up to the "rail" but everyone followed me up there. I was meet with a choice and decided to commit to a jump and ripped down track using the banking as a hill and bridge the gap to the break on my own. Once I was up there I quickly realized that the Tripleshot rider, TK, was the only one keeping the break away while the O2 rider just sat in. After all the effort put in by TK and I put in to stay away, we came empty handed being caught with around 3 to go by the field. I guess some commit more to the break than others. Solid workout though and I was glad to make the race a little more exciting. Maybe next time.

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